Debit Card Fraud Tools




Take full control of your cards – right from any device

The MyCNBBrady online banking and mobile banking app lets you choose how, when and where your card is used.



When it comes to security, we have you covered. That’s because this powerful tool has Advanced Card Controls* that put you in charge of who uses your card …. and how they use it. 







With Advanced Card Controls, you can:

Turn your card on and off if it’s lost, stolen or being misused

•Get instant alerts when your card is used

•Set dollar limits to keep spending in check

•Prevent transactions that don’t match your settings



Advanced Card Controls

It’s just another way the online and mobile banking helps you safely and securely manage your money.

Login to online banking and/or download the MyCNBBrady mobile banking app from Google Play™ or the App Store®

Still have questions? Feel free to contact us at 325-597-2961.



Here’s how to set up Advanced Card Controls:

Go to the mobile banking app dashboard and select “Accounts,” then select the appropriate account

♦ Go to “Card Management” and choose a card

♦ Finally, tap “Alerts and Protection” and choose the controls you would like to apply to that card.


For additional assistance please review our Advanced Card Controls Guide.

*Formerly known as MyCardRules


Debit Card Fraud Prevention Service

In our continuing efforts to keep your accounts secure, we’ve improved our alert system for potential debit card fraud.  You will  receive an email message, text message then phone call for potential fraud.

All of our debit cardholders are automatically enrolled in the service, so there is no need to sign up.

Here’s how it works when potential fraud is detected:

1. You will receive a SMS/text message, from 96923*, with the option to reply with “YES” if the transaction is valid or “NO” if the transaction is fraud.  The customer call back phone number for confirmed fraud will be 855-293-2456 and will be displayed when the customer confirms fraud on a SMS message.***Data rates may apply

2. Five (5) minutes after the SMS/text message is sent and there is no response, you will receive an automatic email notification with the option to respond and confirm fraud or no fraud.

3.  If there is no response received from you within 5 minutes after the email notification is sent, you will receive automated phone calls to your home phone then cell phone from 1-800-237-8990* to confirm or deny fraud.   If fraud is confirmed or if there is a failure to authenticate your identity, you will be connected to a fraud analyst.  

If you do not respond to notifications, your card may be blocked until you respond to the messages or contact the Fraud Center.

Remember – our messages will never ask for your PIN or account number.

*The phone number which the Fraud Center will call you from is 1-800-237-8990. If you add this number to your phone contacts and label it “Fraud Center,” it will display whenever you get a call from this number.  You can also add the short code of 96923 to your contacts to know the text messages are from the Fraud Center.

Please contact us with any questions or updated contact information.


Debit Card Safety Tips

 1.  Be sure to keep the bank informed of all changes in your contact information.

2.  Notify the bank when traveling out of the US.

3.  Never share or write down your debit card PIN. Keep your PIN secret.

4.  Do not provide your debit/credit card number & PIN to an unsolicited email or online request.

5.  When shopping online look for secure transaction symbols, such as the little “lock” logo in the lower right-hand corner or your browser and Web addresses that start with “https”.

6.  When you complete your online purchases, be sure to log off the site.

7.  Protect your card. Treat it like cash.

8.  Always take your receipt and reconcile back to your account by viewing online/mobile banking or statement. Notify the bank immediately if you notice suspicious activity or if your card has been lost or stolen.

9.  Be alert when retrieving cash from an ATM.

10.  Block the view of others when entering your PIN.

11.  Use ATMs that are located in an area with plenty of lights.

12.  Be observant of any “skimming devices” attached to the ATM. Skimming devices are devices that are attached to the ATMs by fraudsters to retrieve your card number & PIN.

13.  Observe your surrounding when approaching a walk-up ATM. If you observe suspicious activity, leave the area immediately.


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Lost/Stolen ATM Card

In the event your ATM/Debit card is lost or stolen, contact us immediately at: 325-597-2961. After hours, call the fraud center at 866-546-8273.