CNB E-Z Online Bill Pay

What you can do with E-Z Online Bill Pay

  • Pay Bills from Multiple Accounts
  • Send Single or Recurring Payments
  • Initiate Expedited Payments
  • Make Person-to-Person Electronic Payments
  • Account-to-Account Transfers
  • Track Check Payments Quickly and Easily
  • Receive Bills Electronically with eBill
  • View Scheduled Payments by:
    • Payee or All Payees
    • Categories
    • Custom Date Range
  • View Payment History a Variety of Ways
    • Filter by: Category, Payee, Status, Custom Date Range
    • Sort by: Pay to, Pay from, Amount, Process Date, Deliver by Date
    • Export Available for Further Filtering
  • Get Helpful Text Alerts and Payment Reminders
  • Send Gift Checks or Donations
  • Receive Support via Phone and Live Chat
***Fees may apply


Take full control of your cards.