Safe Deposit Boxes

Why rent a Safe Deposit Box?

Think of your items and ask yourself these questions:

  • Are these items important to me?
  • Would they be difficult/impossible to replace?
  • Are they presently in danger of fire or theft?
  • Are they likely to be lost or misplaced?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, a safe deposit box may be just right for you.

Are the Contents of my Safe Deposit Box insured?

The vaults are “resistant” to fire, floods, burglary and other unavoidable perils. The contents of your box are not insured by the financial institution or FDIC.
Safe deposit boxes are rented to existing Commercial National Bank customers based on availability at an affordable annual rate. A $10.00 key deposit is required on all boxes.

Safe Deposit Box Rental

Size Annual Rate
3x5* $7.50
3x10 $15.00
5x10 $25.00
10x10 $65.00
*Size not available in our San Saba location
Safe Deposit Boxes are not available at our Burnet, Granite Shoals or Marble Falls locations.

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